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We're currently planning our next events in Sydney so get in touch if you'd like to be added to our invite list for future events. 

For more details, email Genieve Nelsson or call +61 2 8820 4901.

Sarah Crossan and Mia Freeman in Sydney on May 24th
Past events at the Bloomsbury Institute
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DESIGN AS A FORCE FOR SOCIAL CHANGE: Bloomsbury at London Design Festival 2017

SEPTEMBER 21: Can design change the world? Should it? This timely event, chaired by Catherine Flood, curator at the Victoria & Albert Museum, brings together Dr Catharine Rossi, Professor Alan Male and Dr Russell Bestley to debate design’s potential to change the world for good (or evil), and the responsibility of designers, both professional and amateur, to use their creative powers for positive ends. 

Eventbrite - Design as a Force for Social Change (London Design Festival 2017)

London Design Festival 2017
Day of the Girl panel at Bloomsbury Publishing
DAY OF THE GIRL panel in aid of mothers2mothers
OCTOBER 10: Join us on the eve of the International Day of the Girl as Bloomsbury brings together four unique commentators to discuss the issues preventing girls from achieving happy and healthy lives around the world and here in the UK. What are their toughest challenges? Where can they thrive? How can we best support them the world we share? Together we'll explore all of the most important issues with an expert panel of guests.

Eventbrite - Day of the Girl panel in aid of mothers2mothers

Vanessa Potter - Bloomsbury Festival
THE STORY OF MY SECOND SIGHT for Bloomsbury Festival 
OCTOBER 19: Vanessa Potter shares the incredible story of suddenly losing and then slowly regaining her eye sight. Working with scientists and experts across the globe, her miraculous experience is changing the way we understand how vision centres in the brain actually work. An unmissable event for all.
Book your ticket to Vanessa's talk via the Bloomsbury Festival
Gothic fiction talk at Bloomsbury


OCTOBER 26th: You're invited to a spooky candle-lit salon for lovers of darker stories. Almost 200 years after the publication of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, the popularity of Gothic stories shows no signs of slowing – but why has the genre endured for so long? From Susan Hill’s The Woman in Black to Ann Radcliffe’s The Mysteries of Udolpho, readers return to stories of horror and fright again and again. Even better, Raven Books is proud to introduce us to an entirely new gothic novel with Laura Purcell's The Silent Companions this October. 

Eventbrite - The Enduring Popularity of Gothic Fiction

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